Our Students:
“The Sanofi-Aventis BioTalent Challenge was the best, genuine learning experience that I’ve had.”
Joe Barfett*
*Joe was the first student to take University of Western Ontario’s concurrent degree program in Biochemical Engineering and Medicine.

“It really opened my mind to what goes on in real research labs and became a big influence in my career choice.”
Sophie Desbiens*
*The Montreal Jewish Hospital hired Sophie for 2 summers!

“The Sanofi-Aventis BioTalent Challenge started me on this road to a career in science and I’ve just run with it.”
Adele Nguyen*.
* Awards have been showered on Ottawa’s Adele Nguyen ever since she began participating in Sanofi-Aventis Biotalent Challenge

Our Teachers:
“Excellent course: Fills the niche that is not being filled by any other organization in a meaningful way.”

“Wonderful experience. I felt like a researcher. You have tremendous energy and enthusiasm. I hope I can carry your enthusiasm into my classes.”

“Thank you for an enriching and informative experience. We appreciate your dedication and efforts to bringing this course to our area.”

“This was a very good experience for me in order to implement DNA technology into the classroom and to also learn recent technology/techniques used in research.”