Our Mission
Our mission with our partners is to build a ‘made in Canada’ solution to the education of young people and to better inform the public about biotechnology.

By allowing science teachers to become better equipped to teach and promote biotechnology in the education system, Bioscience Education Canada encourages more young people to enter this field. It is our hope that with this increased appreciation of biotechnology education, ministries of education across Canada will become better advocates on behalf of our industry and our future role in society.

Our Goals

  • Educating every Canadian student about the biotechnology field;
  • Increasing the number of these students entering biotechnology as graduates, employees and/or entrepreneurs;
  • Enhancing the skills of teachers using our educational tools and curriculum and;
  • Increasing public awareness of the benefits of biotechnology.

Our Vision
Our vision is simple. We want to build the biotechnology sector in Canada by educating every student, teacher and member of the public about the huge socioeconomic benefits of biotechnology: new drugs, novel foods, new fuels and environmental renewal.

We are partnering with our government and industrial partners across the country to ensure that we provide the most effective educational programs to students, teachers and organizations interested in learning more about biotechnology and its opportunities.

Bioscience Education Canada is currently developing new best practices in collaboration with national organizations across Canada to ensure that every educator and student has access to the same high quality teaching tools and protocols.

Our targeted markets:

  • 3,400 High Schools in Canada
  • 10,000 High School Teachers
  • 200,000 High School Students Taught Per Year