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4 Valuable Plumbing Tips You’ll Truly Appreciate

If you’re thinking about calling a plumber for preventative maintenance on your plumbing system, that’s a good idea. It’s always best to prevent issues instead of dealing with the high costs associated with poor maintenance. You can also incorporate the tips below as a way to make sure your plumbing system is in excellent shape.

1. Conducting a Faucet Inspection

There probably aren’t a lot of families that don’t want to save money. One way in which this can be accomplished is by conducting a faucet inspection. In fact, you can check all of the faucets in your home to make sure there are no leaks. Sometimes you’ll identify a leak because of water stains or a puddle of water, depending on the location and the design of the faucet. In fact, you should conduct a faucet inspection periodically, especially where there are faucets in rooms where you don’t spend a lot of time.

2. Using the Garbage Disposal Less Often

If you want to avoid having to call a plumber to provide costly repairs, you should absolutely use your garbage disposal less often. While it’s fine to use it when necessary, there are certain items that simply should not be placed in the garbage disposal, such as coffee grinds and fruit rinds. These are the types of items that can cause a serious issue with your garbage disposal, which can be avoided by putting them in a garbage can instead.

3. Replacing the Showerhead

Technology is constantly changing to make appliances more energy efficient. If you have a showerhead that’s older than 10 years, there’s a good chance that you can get another one that will help to reduce the amount of water used on a daily basis. In fact, some showerheads can slash the amount of water used during a shower in half. This is quite significant and a hefty savings when you consider the number of showers taken over a period of a month.

4. Getting a New Water Heater

For years now, many homeowners have opted for a tankless water heater as a way to reduce the amount of water used. If you have had the same water heater for over a decade, there’s a chance that a more energy efficient model is available that can save you a lot of money. You can contact a plumber to have an inspection done and get a recommendation on whether you need a new water heater.

These are just a few ways to take better care of your plumbing system, while possibly saving money in the process. When it’s time to pay your water bill, you’ll be glad you took the time to make improvements. Are you interested in learning more? Visit www.drainrescueplumbers.com for additional information.

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4 Tips For Converting Your Real Estate CRM Leads

Most real estate agents obtain their leads from a variety of sources such as newspapers, social media platforms, online ads, lead generation websites and referrals. Gaining leads online is more popular than ever and can prove to be very profitable for real estate agents. However, the ability to convert those leads requires taking certain steps. Below are some top tips for converting your leads using real estate CRM.

1. Initial Follow-Up

Your initial follow-up should happen right after you get a lead from your sources. When it comes to online leads, getting a response to a potential client can be difficult depending on the time of day or week it is. When you utilize real estate CRM software, you can have automated responses sent to your leads immediately. The response can let the lead know you have received their information and will contact them back personally as soon as possible.

2. Long-Term Follow Up

The initial follow-up is crucial to keeping your leads from instantly looking for a competitor. However, to continue keeping them interested in using your services, you will need to develop a long-term plan. The key to converting your leads involves using different methods over time. When you are a diverse real estate agent, you can allow all leads to use their favorite means of communication. This can help build a relationship with all of your leads before meeting them in person.

3. Keeping Relationship Ongoing

There are many ways to keep your leads interested by using real estate CRM. These methods need to be used consistently over time to keep the relationship with your leads going until they are prepared and ready to take the next step. All of these are to build up until meeting in person.

•Email templates
•Phone call reminders
•Short videos
•SMS text messages
•Direct mail options such as letters, postcards and buyer/seller packages

4. Meeting Face-To-Face

Using your CRM software properly will get you to the important face-to-face meeting with leads. This is where your skills and expertise will be able to shine. Allow them to see the lengths you went to get their attention and how those efforts will be put to use if they choose to work with you.

The use of real estate CRM can only be valuable and useful if you put the time and effort into using it. When it comes to being successful in real estate, following up with leads consistently is crucial. When it comes to converting leads into clients, CRM is the best way to accomplish it. It allows agents to keep leads from all sources in a central location to make sure none of them end up slipping through the cracks. You may find more helpful information and useful resources at www.ixactcontact.com.

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Top 5 Ways to Present Wine as a Gift

Whenever you give someone a gift, the way in which it’s presented will make a big difference. It’s not that they won’t appreciate the gift otherwise, it just shows that you put thought into it. One of the best ways to gift wine is in wooden wine boxes, but there are other options. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Wooden Wine Boxes

Wood wine boxes are the prefect selection when you want to provide a gift that’s multifunctional. In addition to the boxes being elegant, they can be used for décor in the recipient’s home. They won’t have to keep the bottled wine out unprotected. It’s also an ideal option because you can have them engraved for a more personalized presentation.

2. Decorated Basket

Baskets are always a good option when you’re giving someone a gift. What’s great about a basket with wine is you can also include other components that can make the gift more comprehensive, like a bottle opener and wine glasses. You can have the basket professionally made or you can do it yourself. Even if you choose to create a decorated basket, you can still use wooden wine boxes so that the bottles are protected.

3. A Single Ribbon

If you’re in a hurry and you need to give someone a gift, you always have the option of using a beautiful ribbon. It’s not the best option, but it’s one that you can make work. If you take time to pick the right bow, it can have an impact on the overall presentation of the gift. If you still want to use the wooden wine boxes, you can put the ribbon around the boxes.

4. Gift Bag

If you simply don’t have time to prepare your gift of wine, you can always just place the bottle in a gift bag. This isn’t a bad thing because there are many attractive gift bags. It just depends on how much time you want to spend preparing the gift.

5. Wine Subscription

If you know someone well and you’re familiar with their wine preference, you might consider gifting a wine subscription. It’s something that will be appreciated for a long time. Even when the subscription is over, the extravagant nature of the gift will always be appreciated.

It’s good to plan gifts in advance so that you have time to wrap them properly. However, at the end of the day you’re giving someone a gift and that’s what really matters. Regardless of the presentation, the gift will be appreciated. For more information, you can visit the www.ekanconcepts.com website.

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4 Plumbing Emergencies That Require Prompt Attention

There are many different types of plumbing emergencies that can occur. Given how much we all rely on our plumbing systems, it’s inevitable that problems will arise at some point. However, it doesn’t have to be a frequent occurrence, especially if preventative maintenance is provided by a plumber. Below is an overview of plumbing emergencies that require prompt attention to avoid more serious issues.

1. Mishandled Faucet Leak

Generally speaking, a minor faucet leak isn’t something that you have to worry about. However, sometimes a faucet leak that started out minor will turn into a much more significant issue. For instance, this can happen if you attempt to resolve the problem by using the wrong tools to turn off the water valve. It’s an occurrence that’s not uncommon. Some valves don’t require a wrench and attempting to use one can result in an emergency for something that was initially minor. You should visit the www.caldwellplumbing.ca website if you would like more information.

2. Sewage Odors

In the event that you notice foul smells that appear to be coming from your faucet, you should definitely contact a plumber as soon as possible. This isn’t something that can wait because it’s likely the sign of a serious problem. Specifically, there’s a good chance that you have an issue with the septic system in your home. In addition to the unpleasant odor, this can actually be hazardous to the health of your family.

3. Persistent Toilet Clogs

There are so many products on the market for dealing with toilet clogs. As it turns out, many of the chemicals found in products sold for the purpose of removing clogs can cause damage to your plumbing system. Sometimes the easiest solutions in life are the best solutions. In this case, that happens to be a plunger. If you have persistent toilet clogs, you might have a bigger problem that needs to be addressed by a plumber so that it doesn’t become an emergency.

4. Frozen Pipes

Weather is the culprit in the wintertime when it comes to frozen pipes. There are many different ways to ensure your pipes don’t freeze, such as keeping the cabinets open for exposure to heat. You can also raise the temperature a bit in your home when it’s particularly cold. There are also ways to insulate pipes to keep them from freezing. For most people, this all sounds advanced, which is why it’s best to consult with an expert. In fact, you should schedule an annual inspection for the end of the summer to make sure you’re prepared for cold weather.

There are a long list of plumbing emergencies that can occur. When they do, you should have the number of a qualified plumber locked into your phone so that you can get the help you need right away.

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Three Ways Life Sciences Consulting Improves Your Safety Record

When your business or practice is running clinical trials, quality assurance for patient safety is critical. Life sciences consulting experts are able to observe how your clinic runs its trials and make suggestions on how to improve processes and conditions in your facility. Consider these three ways in which the health sciences auditing process can help your clinical trial’s safety record.

Improving Your Quality Assurance
Consulting firms can come in at any time to check out your quality assurance program. The quality assurance setup for your trial may not cover everything that the auditors or regulatory experts think it should. The consulting firms can help you to set up helpful databases and make recommendations about what to track. They can also offer tips on ensuring that human errors are minimized by implementing a checking system for verification before any patient receives a medication or medical intervention.

Early Identification of Concerns
Sometimes in a trial for a new medication or new use of a medication or medical device, patients may begin to report side effects, new symptoms or a worsening of their conditions. With a life sciences consulting firm, issues such as toxicology will be brought to the forefront. These regulatory experts can review toxicology results and make recommendations about whether or not a certain participant should stop using the medication or if the person should halt treatment and drop out of the trial. The auditing might also find that certain types of toxicology results are missing from laboratory reports. Insufficient data is a common problem that plagues the health sciences and medical research. The auditing team may recommend that more tests be added in order to identify potential areas of concern.

Implementing Safety Recommendations
Clinical trials require strict safeguards and privacy guidelines to protect participants from harm. If the auditors and regulation experts discover any issues, they will write them up and provide your clinic with recommendations on how to make the situation safer for the participants. For example, the auditors may discover that a certain drug being tested in a clinical trial tends to cause sleepiness in people who take it. They may recommend that you tell participants in the trial to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for a specific period of time after taking the medication. This keeps participants safe. It also allows the trial to continue progressing with a lesser risk of unintended injury or other consequences on the participants.

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Bioscience Education Canada Welcomes you!

Bioscience Education Canada (BEC) is a national non-profit charitable organization with a mandate to improve the quality of bioscience education in Canadian schools and encourage more young Canadians to pursue studies and careers of Canada’s growing bioeconomy. Our mission with our partners is to build a ‘made in Canada’ solution to the education of young people and to better inform the public about biotechnology.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!If you would like to help us promote Bioscience Education in Canadian high schools please make your donation here.

NBEC Teacher Survey
Bioscience Education Canada Newsletter Fall 2011

Sanofi Aventis BioTalent Challenge Changes Its name
SBCC (Greater Toronto Area) April 17-19, 2012, competition location to be determined, award ceremony at MaRS.
Bioscience Lectures and Workshops
Green Mining Experience at McMaster
Ontario Genomics Institute “Genomics Teaching Prize”
Gowlings Biotech Essay Contest on “Canada’s Top Biotechnology Story of the Year”
Bioscience Education Canada (BEC)

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